Why people prefer Online Slots over Blackjack

Online slots are by far the most popular gambling game in the world these days, with millions of gamblers spinning the reels on critically acclaimed titles from developers such as NetEnt, Big Time Gaming or Play’N GO for quite some time. It is clear that most people will end up preferring online slots to the other online or brick and mortar casino gambling games available in the 21st century, but why exactly is that?

Well, probably the main reason for online slots’ dominance over the last few decades is the fact that they are inherently more practical games than blackjack, for instance, which means that much more players are willing to gamble on them. If you are new to online slots be sure to check out King Casino Guides, they help new players learn more about gambling responsibly.There truly are a multitude of reasons why people prefer online slots over blackjack, however, and if you want to know more we suggest reading on.

Much more in-game variation

As online slot players will all tell you, these days there is so much in-game variation with the slots industry, mainly because developers like Yggdrasil, Big Time Gaming or Play’N GO are working so hard to keep their games evolving indefinitely. In contrast the casino game of blackjack only really comes in one form, although there can be flexibility when it comes to betting limits.

Because there are so many different themes of online slots, and game mechanics like Megaways too, there is an endless amount of choice when it comes to online slot gambling in the 21st century, a key reasons why people prefer online slots to blackjack.

Seriously exciting bonus features

Furthermore, have you ever played a game of blackjack with the level of bonus features that can be found in modern online slots? In fact, blackjack doesn’t really have any kind of bonus rounds to speak of, which is one area in which it loses out to online slots pretty much every single time.

Just take a game like Centurion by Inspired Gaming, for instance, there are 4 separate bespoke mini-game-esque bonus features here, and it makes for a frighteningly fun reel spinning experience. Much more than you would ever get in a game of blackjack…

Mobile slots make online slots easier to play

Although you can play some rudimentary versions online, the real fun is in traditional casino blackjack, however the unfortunate thing about today’s world is that not everybody can actually make it to a casino these days. This is why online slots have become so popular, because if anything the online version of slots machines are better than the brick and mortar machines found in casinos.

And then there’s mobile slots, an area of the gambling industry that has made it even easier for people to spin the reels of their favourite online slot games.

Progressive jackpot online slots

Another thing that you do not get in blackjack, but do in online slots, are progressive jackpots. These are amongst the most exciting jackpot prizes in the entire gambling industry, with some lucky people winning several millions of dollars from just one lucky spin.

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