Tech advancements in the slot industry during the 20th century

One thing that people simply cannot argue is that the gambling market has time and time again proved itself to be incredibly good at using new technology in order to create new gambling avenues for people to exploit. This can be seen throughout the long and colourful history of gambling, and especially in regard to games like roulette that could not have been possible without important scientists of the era such as Blaise Pascal.

In the world of slots the same thing can be said. Slot machines simply could not have existed much before Charles D. Fey made the crucial breakthrough to create his Liberty Bell slot machine, and the simple reason why was that the technology required didn’t exist at the time. Since then the slot industry has endured a crazy amount of tech advancements, read ahead to find out some of the most important tech advancements in the top 10 slot sites industry during the 20th century.

Commercialisation of the first slot machines

Charles D. Fey invented his famous Liberty Bell slot machine in the late 1800s, however at first this could not be commercialised to the same extent as something like roulette was due to the fact that gambling was illegal in America at the time. As soon as gambling was made legal by the authorities in places such as Nevada the commercialisation of slot machines began.

A lot of this was made possible by technological advancements in the field of engineering and mechanical creation. At first individual slot machines would take far too long to make for there to ever be enough on a commercial scale, but modern technology soon changed all of that.

Added reels and bonus features

Slot machines got more and more popular as the 20th century rolled on, however during the 1960s Las Vegas casino boom certain developers got more experimental and started to add more reels and bonus features to their slot machines.

This was one of the main reasons behind the dramatic increase in slot machine popularity in the 20th century, as the games got way more exciting.

The invention of the RNG and video slots

Slot machines would continue to get better and better throughout the second half of the 20th century, with tech advancements allowing for developers to make evermore exciting and nice looking games. During the 1980s the next huge piece of technology was discovered, and it was something that would prove to be a game changer for the slots industry.

The RNG, or Random Number Generator, is a crucial piece of equipment behind modern video slots that allows the reels to spin randomly, and without it we wouldn’t have any of the video slots that we have today.

The online slots explosion

In the late 20th century developers were readying themselves for the age of the Internet, and as such online slots became the next big focus. By the late 19990s these games were in operation, however still not on a truly commercial scale.


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