If you’re just getting started with online slots UK, the truth is that it can be quite confusing. There are so many games, and it’s tough to decide which to play. On top of that, when you do choose one, you may not know exactly how to play it.

It can also be dispiriting when you’re playing online slots as a rookie, and you don’t necessarily know what you’re doing. This can make scooping the jackpot trickier.
So by following a few simple common sense rules, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful, even though you’re just getting started.

Always investigate the site before signing up

Step one of getting into slots is fundamental: investigate the online casinos thoroughly. It may not seem the most fun thing to do, especially if you’re itching to play some slots, but it’ll protect you and your money in the long run.

However, carrying out this basic due diligence may seem overwhelming. Where do you start? There are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos each offering promotions and welcome packages to entice you in. Obviously, it’s too time consuming to trawl through each one.

Fortunately, there are plenty of analytical sites that will give you the low-down on each online casino. They often provide the specifics of house edge percentages, bonuses, rewards, as well as the T&Cs involved.

Reading through the terms and conditions can seem dull, especially if you’re just after some entertainment, but they do act as a safeguard against online scams.

Lastly, check if your chosen site has been registered, licensed, and regulated by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission). Every genuine online casino should have a UKGC licence and it’s certainly a red flag if it doesn’t.

Know what you want to achieve before starting

Very briefly, consider whether you’re playing for fun, or if you’re genuinely trying to make some big money. Many people get into gambling as a full-time profession, and if you’re good, you can make six-figure salaries.

However, it’s important to know that not everyone will be a successful gambler and it’s not a good idea for this to be your main reason for starting.

Keeping your financial details safe

This piece of advice goes hand in hand with investigating the site before signing up. If anything suspicious come up, never give over your personal financial information.
Sadly, with all the money that’s involved in online gambling, online casinos are a juicy target for hackers.

The best sites available will implement stringent measures to protect their customers and keep their financial data secure. Always remember to check the site’s security measures and make sure you only provide your data once you’ve analysed the cyber security in place.

Find out the site’s cashing out conditions

Most sites will have specific withdrawal conditions, such as a minimum withdrawal threshold. This means that you’ll have to pay in a certain amount of cash before you can cash out any winnings.

Check out the details so you know exactly where you stand with getting your money back.

Become a pro before you throw

One un-written rule of playing slots online is knowing how to play well before gambling your money. If you’re a rookie and you’ve never really played slots, but you’re still betting your own cash, it’s a bit like going into the ring without having learned to box first.

Although slots are based primarily on luck and the RTP rate, knowing the game inside out as well as any bonus features will give you a greater advantage.

So, a great piece of advice is to play online demos. These are usually completely free to play on the developers’ websites. Learn how to play your chosen game really well, fine-tuning your skills but without losing your own cash at the same time.

Always choose a game with a high RTP rate

The ‘Return to Player’ rate is essentially the percentage that the online slot will pay back to you over time. If an online slot has an RTP rate of 95%, you should get £19 back for every £20 you put in.

Every online casino game must display its RTP percentage by law, so choose wisely and opt for a game with a high RTP rate. If you’re new to slots, go for a game with an RTP percentage of at least 97%.

Never chase losses

If you’re going to take away just one piece of advice before getting into online slots, make sure it’s to know never to chase your losses.

Figuring out how much you’ve spent, and then trying to recover what you’ve lost is a very dangerous game to play. It can lead to gambling addiction, and sometimes, bankruptcy.
In The Guardian online, it was reported that according to a survey commissioned by the “Gamble Aware” charity, YouGov estimated that up to 2.7% of adults in Great Britain, (nearly 1.4 million people) were problem gamblers.

The report also found that as many as 7% of adults, or 3.6 million people, report having been negatively affected by someone else’s gambling problem.

Overall, the research suggests that nearly 5 million British people have experienced harm linked to gambling, even accounting for the overlap between problem gamblers and those they affect.

Knowing when to call it a day

This brings us on to the last point. You may have seen the adverts on TV about stopping when the fun stops. It’s sound advice.

Gambling addicts can accumulate huge debts and may even end up taking out personal loans and credit cards to fund their habit. In the worst-case scenarios, this has even been known to lead to crimes such as theft or fraud.

Be sure to only bet as much as you can afford to lose, and if you find yourself in any of these situations, seek help from a gambling support service.

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