How to Fix Your Teeth After an Accident

Car accidents are an unfortunate daily occurrence that we are not always able to escape. Being involved in a car accident can cause different injuries to those involved. All accidents are likely to cause emotional distress, which can have a long-term impact on the victim. Although not every car crash will involve physical injuries, these are a very likely possibility, ranging from minor muscle strains, to even death.

Dental injuries incurred as a result of a car crash are commonly overlooked injuries. When untreated, these can worsen and develop into more serious health concerns, such as serious tooth decay and infection. If you were involved in a car accident, in this article we will discuss ways to fix your teeth, if you suffered a dental injury.

1- Emergency Care

After being involved in an accident, even minor ones, it is essential that you receive medical care, to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment for any injuries you may have sustained. The impact of crashing a car increases the possibility of a significant blow to your face, which can damage your teeth and gums, even if you do not realise it immediately.

In such cases, the priority should be to attend your local A&E, so that they can take an X-Ray of your mouth, to check for any oral damage. This way doctors will also be able to prescribe you treatment and offer guidance so the injury does not deteriorate.

2- Consult your Dentist

If no serious injuries are observed during your emergency appointment, the next step will be to consult your dentist so that your oral health can be thoroughly examined and to discuss possible options to renovate any destruction to your teeth or damage to gums.

Visiting your oral health professional is crucial as there are many treatments available, depending on what your needs are. This is particularly important if you require more intrusive treatment after serious harm to your teeth. Only your dentist will be able to provide you with the correct treatment, so that you prevent further oral health issues. - How to Fix Your Teeth After an Accident

3- Tooth Replacement

When receiving impact to your mouth, it is possible that you instantly lose a tooth. If this is the case, you will require a tooth replacement strategy to substitute the missing tooth. This can be achieved in different ways, with the most popular being the use of dentures; however this method is decreasing due to more effective approaches becoming accessible such as dental bridges and implants.

A dental bridge can be utilised to connect the gap between teeth and provides an effective solution to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is strong and has increased longevity, making it an ideal treatment for tooth replacement, although it will be evidently more expensive.

4- Teeth Restoration

If your tooth has suffered from minor breakage, you may salvage it with a minor and common procedure of implementing fillings to restore your tooth. This restores the tooth’s appearance and prevents further decay. For more serious breakage, a dentist may consider it appropriate to implement a dental crown, which does not require full removal of your tooth but it will protect its health.

Following a car accident, you may not immediately become aware of any oral issues with your teeth and gums, however any neglected damage may cause further serious issues. To prevent this, consult your dentist so that you can smile with no worries.

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