Are you looking for a reliable way to help Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion? Here is a list of aid organizations that provide direct support to the victims of war.

The Best Way to Help Ukraine

With Russia continuing its inhuman and illegal assault on Ukraine, many Canadians are wondering how to donate to Ukraine from Canada.

This terrible war, which has already become the largest military conflict in Europe of the century, is currently in full swing: millions of refugees require food, shelter, and medical attention. Thereby, it is no wonder that hundreds of international humanitarian organizations from all over the world have started fundraising campaigns to provide help where it is needed most.

However, it is painfully obvious that it will not be enough — tens of thousands are trapped in sieged cities, whereas refugees are counted in millions — so every assistance would make a difference.

How to Help

Step one. How to donate to Ukraine? Experts state that compassionate volunteers should go for the money instead of food and clothes. Transportation of humanitarian goods from Canada to Ukraine was simple in the pre-war/pre-COVID-19 era, and the current logistical situation is nightmarish. Delivery of the stuff that you wish to donate to Ukraine from Canada (although very much required!) may take too long. Sending funds to the non-profit aid organizations would speed up the process.

Where to Help

Step two. Where to donate to Ukraine? An enormous number of the biggest humanitarian organizations, such as the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, or UNICEF, focus their efforts on providing the most vulnerable victims of war with basic support. For instance, you can donate to the

Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. The Canadian government will match all donations from individual citizens (no more than $100,000 each) up to $10 million — a worthy contribution to the rightful cause.

Support Local Charities

However, probably the best way to donate to Ukraine is to give funds to those organizations, which operate on the local ground.
For instance, when people send their money to the national Red Crosses, these organizations then have to transfer that money — and since there is no automatic Ukraine Red Cross donate option, it takes additional time and resources. It may be more optimal to support those who work directly with refugees, opting for a safer and less complicated way to help.
Thus, here is a list of local charities that focus primarily on the Ukrainian crisis:

The Ukrainian Red Cross

The Ukrainian Red Cross requires funds to assist with evacuations and provide refugees with safe access to water, food, and medical attention. If you wish to assist the Redcross Ukraine donate here.

The Kyiv School of Economics

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) has launched an initiative to provide members of the Ukrainian Paramedic Association and the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces with individual protective kits (bulletproof vests and helmets). You can donate here.

Vostok SOS

Vostok SOS is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization that focuses on supporting the victims of bombardments, assisting with evacuations, and aiding local humanitarian initiatives. You can donate here.



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