DIY Tips on How to Improve Your Dream Summer House

Giving your home a fresh new look for the summer is a very exciting project. When you are trying to cut on costs, consider doing this big project on your own. There are many ways to do a DIY home improvement nowadays. You just need to be creative and be resourceful. To start any DIY task is to know first your goal and how much time will you give yourself to accomplish this. Once you are done, prepare your tools and get started.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

It’s a summer house you would want to put more natural light into your house. You can scrap out old light bulbs in this case. Ditch out frosted glass windows and replace them with clear glass to let natural light in. You can also change old ceiling fans to a modern one. This will not be a very difficult job since your wires are already available, it will just be a swap and discard the old ones.

Enhance Your Entry

Before you touch your interiors, improving your garden or lawn is the first thing you might want to start with. There are a lot of ways to pimp and fix your garden with this mini construction, you can click here for some ideas which you can actually put at the corners, sides, or between the walls of you and your neighbor’s fence. Besides landscaping, putting plants and flowers that will be perfect for a summer look for your house, you can also install some pathways, flower boxes, lighting fixtures along your pathways, and a shed, where you can have a greenhouse, watershed or your gardening tools in it.

Choose a Touch of Yellow

While considering changing your fixtures you can shift from white bulbs to yellow bulbs to give the house a calming glow. LEDs are good options for a longer life of service that you can get from these types of fixtures. Another thing you can install in your rooms with light switches or sensors are dimmers, so you can actually control the brightness in the room depending on your preference and mood.

Utilize Unused Corners With Shelves

This is most often a problem in homes, but a simple corner shelf can solve this area in your home. Having a hanging shelf in these areas can make it look more organized and a maximized space. The shelf does not need to be a piece of new furniture, you can refurbish old shelves and adjust woodwork according to the space that you need to optimize.

Restructure Your Furniture

One creative way to give your home a new look is by changing how your furniture looks. Do this by repainting or changing elements of your existing furniture. Upgrade these fixtures with new upholstery or using decorated adhesives to give them a new look.

Change Paint Colors

You might also want to change the existing paint to have a fresher look. Try to use a lighter shade that will brighten and freshen up the look of the room. Do the same with your ceiling, make it emphasized and also with your cabinets, you might also change how they look and blend with your wall paint color. Inspect everything and retouch those that already have chipped or dilapidated paint. For a painting work that will last and stay long, clean and make sure that you will let primer stay overnight so your paint will be absorbed easily by the surface.

Make the House Technology Updated

Now that you are improving your home, make the most of it. Nowadays, smart things and devices are now being used in homes to make it look highly advanced. You can automate your fixtures, install digital programmable thermostats so you can tap it into your air conditioning unit. Having it automated will also help you save on energy consumption.

Once the room temperature is fine for the people inside the room, the air conditioning unit can adjust by reducing its work, or even during certain times of the day, you can set the temperature based on how cool air can help your home have a better quality of air temperature. - DIY Tips on How to Improve Your Dream Summer House

Add Space for Your Pet

Admit it, your pet has been a part of your family, So it is also the time to renovate his home, give him enough space to stay and play around so he won’t mess up the entire house. Setting a place for your pet will train him to be disciplined and just cooperate without causing damage to any part of your home or to your things at home.

Make Everything Neat and in Order

Since you will be changing fixtures or installing automation equipment in your home, you can have this chance to keep the wires and make it look neat and clean. You can hide them under carpets or behind walls and ceilings. This will also make your electrical system to be in proper order.

Freshen Up Your Bathroom’s Appearance

Yes, your bathroom will also be part of your makeover project. You may start by cleaning stains on your tiles and grout, you may re-grout if needed. You may want to repaint your ceiling and bathroom closet, too. This will give your bathroom a new fresh look. You may also clean the vents to avoid mold growth in your bathroom.

Organize Closets

Cleaning out your closets entirely is a less expensive task in your home renovation. Completely remove those that are not useful to you anymore, you can give them out as donations or bring them to garage sales. Vacuum the interiors and wipe the exteriors of your closet before you put all your garments and things back. You may also have the option to give them a fresh new look by repainting them or applying adhesive wall stickers to give them a new look.

These are just simple ways on how you can prepare and change the look of your dream summer home. You can spend a little less with a good look and nice comfort it will give you when all your family members are there to stay. Remember, home improvement can cost less with a big imagination and resourcefulness.


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